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Adobe Encore

How do you install Encore CS6?

This questions pops up all the time - how do you install Encore so you can make Blu-ray and DVD discs when you rent the Creative Cloud version? Essentially you install Premiere Pro CS6, but finding the installer in the Creatice Cloud application is not in the place where most people expect it to be.

Using "chapter index" to create multiple menus in Encore CS5.

Adobe Encore CS5 has a very useful feature called CHAPTER INDEX.  This is a way of making multiple menus very easily, just by having a timeline with some chapters and a basic menu template.  We use this continually when making our tutorial DVDs.

You can view the tutorial here or on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgi-fi_o2CQ&feature=youtu.be

Click on the icon on the bottom right hand corner to expand the tutorial to full screen, or click on "360P" to view the tutorial at a higher resolution.  This tutorial was filmed at 720P which should give you a very clear view of the screen.

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