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SGDV VisTitle Templates



Below you will find the links to 42 FREE VisTitle Lower Third Layouts to use as you wish. They have been separated into 9 .zip files for easy downloading.

These are all PAL specific. If you need NTSC versions, GO HERE.

These come with no implied support or warranty. You will need a good understanding of how VisTitle works in order to use these files to their fullest.

Let's get started!

The first file is a README file. Do yourself a favour and actually read the README file. It will tell you how to install the support files and .vxmovie files.

VisTitle Lower Thirds README FILE

The Second file is the Support folder. This contains textures, fonts, and alpha mattes that are used within the lower thirds. If you do not load these correctly, or at all, the lower thirds will not work properly.

VisTitle Lower Thirds Support Files

The next files are the actual lower third Layouts and .vxmovies. Once again, please read the README file for the correct installation procedure.

PAL VisTitle Lower Thirds 1-5  - approx. 604MB

PAL VisTitle Lower Thirds 6-10 - approx. 1GB

PAL VisTitle Lower Thirds 11-15 - approx. 720MB

PAL VisTitle Lower Thirds 16-20 - approx. 1.4GB

Some people have had problems downloading the 16-20 templates, particularly if using FireFox.  Please try using either Internet Explorer or a download manager.  Alternative the following 5 downloads are for each individual template included in Volume 16-20.

Fresh Perspective- approx. 132MB

Intangible Assets - approx. 169MB

Fresh Talent - approx. 183MB

Heart Bounds - approx. 387MB

Glamorous Nights - approx. 548MB

PAL VisTitle Lower Thirds 21-25 - approx. 580MB

PAL VisTitle Lower Thirds 26-30 - approx. 449 MB

PAL VisTitle Lower Thirds 31-35 - approx. 580MB

PAL VisTitle Lower Thirds 36-40 - approx. 525MB

PAL VisTitle Lower Thirds 41-42 - approx. 239MB

For those users that have not purchased the Tutorials, if you run into problems modifying the text, your best bet to learn the program is to order the SGDV tutorials shown below!

Comprehensive Vistitle Tutorial

Comprehensive Vistitle Tutorial


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