EDIUS X tutorial for owners of EDIUS 9 tutorial


Upgrade from my EDIUS 9 tutorial to the EDIUS X version.

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This is the EDIUS X version of my tutorial.  You can update from a previous version for a lower cost. or get a discount if you have ordered EDIUS from my website.  If you bought the tutorial in the last year you can get a free update – email david@dvctraining.co.uk to see if you qualify.

Once you have ordered you will be sent a link to download the files for the tutorial.  The tutorial is quite large at about 7½GB and is stored on Google Drive. When you click the download button Google will complain the file is too large to scan for viruses but choose to download it anyway.

Once downloaded just unzip the tutorial where you would like to keep it and then double click on the “index.html” file to play it.  If you want a shortcut on the desktop to the tutorial just make a shortcut to the “index.html” file in the normal way.

You do not need your previous tutorial on the system as this is a completely new version so you can delete the old tutorial.

Visit these pages for a full list of the contents of the tutorial: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/training-courses/dvc-edius-tutorial/