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An Introduction to EDIUS 8

The following video was made with the first version of EDIUS 8 released on 25th June. We aim to give you an insight into the new version and the differences between Workgroup and Pro.

The link below will show a play list of all 5 chapters of our video. You can see individual chapters listed below

An introduction to EDIUS 8 - part 1 - the interface

EDIUS 8 was released at the end of June 2015. Here we take a look at this first release and see what changes have been made. Part 1 is all about the new Interface of EDIUS 8..

An introduction to EDIUS 8 - part 2 - Quick Sync playback

EDIUS has been able to export video to H.264 using Intel Quick Sync since version 6. With EDIUS 8 Grass Valley are also using Quick Sync to help play back H.264 files.

Introducing EDIUS 8 - part 3 - GV Browser

In this section we look at a new program that comes with EDIUS 8 - the GV Browser. The browser lets you catalogue many video file types on your hard drive, tag them, sort them and bring them into EDIUS..

Introduction to EDIUS - Part 4 - The differences between Pro & Workgroup

With EDIUS 8 there are two versions - Pro and Workgroup. EDIUS Pro 8 has almost the same feature set as EDIUS Pro 7, although a couple of features have been removed. Here we try and explain what these features are so you can better decide which version suits you..

Introduction to EDIUS - Part 5 - Plug-ins and other matters

In the final part of this look at EDIUS 8 we discuss how to get some of your EDIUS 7 plug-ins working in EDIUS 8 and a few other small matters...

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