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How to download a stand alone installer for the CC2017 applications

The simplest way to install any Creative Cloud application is to install the CC app and then choose the ones you want and let it install them. However, this is slow and tedious if you have to install the same applications on many computers, or if you are trying to install them at a location where you have a bad internet connection.

It is possible to download the installers separately and then use them multiple times. Please note you will still need to access the Internet and install the Creative Cloud application in order to activate the licences. Also you may not be able to follow the links listed below without logging on to your Adobe account. These links are for the video applications only (Premiere, After Effects etc..)

Download Creative Cloud apps

Adobe CC 2017 Direct Download Links: Creative Cloud 2017 Release | ProDesignTools

Adobe CC 2015 Direct Download Links: Creative Cloud 2015 Release | ProDesignTools

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