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Subscription version of Magix Vegas 15 available

Subscription version of Magix Vegas 15 available

26th January 2018

Magix have released a version of Vegas 15 which you can get on subscription. Vegas 365 is available as either a 3 month or 12 month subscription. 3months costs £15 per month and 12 months costs £12.42 per month. Like Premiere Pro if you stop paying it stops working.

They have not stopped selling a "buy it and never pay again version", this is just an option for people who prefer to pay monthly. It comes with some extra plug-ins:

  • Filters 5 Ultimate from NewBlueFX
  • HitFilm Movie Essentials
  • DVD Architect
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio
  • with iZotope Ozone Elements

The fact that it comes with DVD Architect may appeal to some people. As other DVD programs disappear- like Avid DVD - you may want to consider renting Vegas for 3 months when you need to make a couple of DVDs, even if editing with something else.

You can read more about this in the Magix website.

EDIUS 9.1 released

EDIUS 9.1 released

26th January 2018

Grass Valley have released EDIUS 9.1, which adds the ability to export H.265 video to EDIUS 9, although oonly on systems using Skylake, Kaby Lake or Coffee Lake processors, using Quick Sync. The H.265 encoding does not work on other processors at all.

H.265 is like H.264, which we have been using for years, but you can compress it more, making it better for uploading and playing across networks. EDIUS 8 can playback H.265 video (as long as you are using one of the later versions) Now EDIUS 9 can make it as well.

This encoding uses the Intel Quick Sync hardware with an hour's 4K UHD clip taking me about 1½ hours on my Coffee Lake system. If you have a Kaby Lake or Coffee Lake processor you can do 10 bit H.265, and a Skylake can do 8 bit.

To install the update you must first uninstall the version of EDIUS 9 that you have on your system - you cannot simply install over the top. You do not need to deactivate - which is the first thing the computer will ask you when you press the uninstall button in "programs and features". Leave it activated just uninstall and then reinstall with the new file you will download from Grass Valley.

The following is a list of the new features of EDIUS 9.1:

  • New Features of Version 9.10.3086 EDIUS
  • Support AVC Proxy clip recorded by XAVC equipment
  • Support to display progress of certain process (timeline rendering, file export, batch export) on EDIUS icon
  • Support to export H.265 (HEVC) clip on Intel 6th or 7th Generation Core i processor based system using Intel Quick Sync Video
    Note: for the 6th generation only 8 bit out is supported because of the hardware design. From the 7th generation and up 10 bit is also supported.


  • Support Author metadata in JPEG clip
  • Support to create a sub clip on Storyboard
  • Support "Lens Model" information in still clip shot by Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Preserve original "Date taken" for snapshot
  • Support keyboard shortcut to add/remove tag
  • Support simultaneous preview for multiple still image

You can download EDIUS 9.1 from the Grass Valley support site: https://www.grassvalley.com/support/downloads/

Premiere Pro CC 2018.1 released

Premiere Pro CC 2018.1 released

24th January 2018

Adobe have just released an update to Premiere Pro. I have not tried the new version myself as yet and based on past experience I would probably suggest you wait to install it and monitor the Adobe Forums to see what happens to it in the real world, unless it fixes a problem which is causing you hassle.. Version 12.1 adds the following:

  • Variable Frame Rate (VFR) support
  • Toggle multi-cam in source monitor for active camera to fill screen
  • Support for more video footage formats
  • Option to keep clips vertically aligned as you move them across tracks
  • Improved options to solo audio track in source monitor
  • Ability to make existing project into a shared project alias
  • Preview VR360 clips on HMD
  • Option to match frame sets in point
  • Sub-sequence improvements
  • ..and fixes some bugs.

You can read more on what's new here: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/using/whats-new.html

The support for variable frame rate video is interesting as this is how many phones record these days (particularly ones starting with "I"), and up to now using this footage in Premiere caused sync problems. Premiere was not alone in this as most editing programs have problems with VFR footage.

You can download the update now through your Adobe CC app.

New videos about Titler Pro 5 in EDIUS

New videos about Titler Pro 5 in EDIUS

12th January 2018

I have just published the first two parts in a video series about using NewBlue Titler Pro 5 with EDIUS 9. You get NewBlue Titler Pro free if you buy EDIUS 9, but it does not come as part of the main download package, you have to download the OFX bridge add-on separately.

In the first two parts of this series I explain where to get the OFX bridge and also some of the basic operation of Titler Pro 5. Future chapters will look at making specific types of titles. You can see the videos on the YouTube channel on here on the DVC Training website: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/shop/NewBlue-Titer-Pro-5-for-EDIUS-9.html

Vistitle 2.7 update released

3rd January 2018

VisTitle have produced a new update. 2.7 fixes a couple of small bugs as listed on this page, where you can download it: http://www.vistitle.com/view.asp?Id=103.

I have only just seen this update and not tested it, although, to be honest, I was not having problems with VisTitle before this. The update is free to people who own VisTitle 2. I used to sell VisTitle in the old DVC company but am not doing this at present in DVC Training. I do have a couple of copies of VisTitle 2 (without plug-ins) left. Please contact me on david@dvctraining.co.uk if you are interested.

If you want to upgrade a copy of VisTitle 1 contact me and I will try and put you in touch with someone who can help.

Windows 10 support ending?

Windows 10 support ending?

21st December 2017

I had a curious email from Microsoft recently which saying:

"Support for early versions of Windows 10 recently ended and PCs running these versions no longer receive security updates".

This does not mean support for Windows 10 is ending, rather if your machine has not been regularly updating - maybe because you do not plug It into the Internet much - then it won't automatically update in future. They then linked to the Microsoft page where you can download a free installer for the latest version of Windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

If you do not connect your machine to the web then don't panic. All this means is that if you decide sometime in the future you want to get to the latest version of Windows 10 then you will have to manually download the installer and install it. If your machine is on the Internet then it is probably up to date because it is actually quite hard to stop Windows 10 from updating. You can do this with the Pro version of Windows but the Home version does not let you stop it from updating itself. For most people this is not a problem and it is definitely best to keep your machine up to date if it is on the Internet.

A new video about screen redording..

A new video about screen redording..

21st December 2017

I posted a short video on my YouTube channel showing how I record my computer screen using software called Open Broadcast Studio. This is not a comprehensive guide to OBS, just a quick guide to setting the parameters I use. You can see the video here: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/shop/How-I-make-screen-recordings-using-OBS.html

EDIUS 9 OFX bridge released

EDIUS 9 OFX bridge released

24th November 2017

Grass Valley have released the EDIUS 9 version of the OFX bridge. This lets you use OFX plug-ins inside EDIUS; it does not come with its own effects, apart from a couple NewBlue include for free, so is mainly of use if you actually own some OFX plug-ins.

However, it also comes with a version of NewBlue Titler Pro 5, which is an animated titling program and more powerful than the built-in Quick Titler. Also, as mentioned earlier this month, the version that comes with the OFX bridge is actually unlimited, so will not time out, like the version that used to come with EDIUS 8. Many people may download the OFX bridge not for the Bridge but for Titler Pro.

This OFX bridge is only for owners of EDIUS 9 - it works with either the Pro or Workgroup version. It is not for owners of EDIUS 8; the EDIUS 8 OFX bridge will stay as it is.

It is not available from the normal Grass Valley website, or from NewBlue FX. Instead you need to log on to you EDIUS ID page, find the news page and click on the link about the bridge being released. This will lead you to a PDF about the bridge which has the download link inside it.

The EDIUS ID page is here: https://ediusid1.grassvalley.com/mypage/1

If you installed the Pro version of EDIUS 9 you will have had to make an EDIUS ID when doing so. If you installed the Workgroup version you will have been able to do so without making an EDIUS ID and will have to make one, however, it is worth making an EDIUS ID anyway because it means that Grass Valley have a record of your serial number which may help with future problems/re-installation etc of the software. It is also pretty easy to do but if any DVC customers have a problem setting one up just let me know through here or via email.

In my last post about the bridge I say I would try to make some quick tutorials on using NewBlue Titler Pro, which I intend to do, but with just a week to go, these will not be made before Christmas. These will be out in the new year.

NewBlue Titler Pro 5 to come free with EDIUS 9

24th November 2017

According to this thread on the Grass Valley forum: https://forum.grassvalley.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40934 when the OFX Bridge for EDIUS is released for EDIUS 9 it will come with a free version of Titler Pro 5.

The OFX Bridge is a free add-on for EDIUS which lets you use OFX plug-ins inside EDIUS. With EDIUS 8 it came with Titler Pro 2, but the licence for that only lasted a year. On this thread GV are saying that if you have EDIUS Workgroup 9 you will get a free version of Titler Pro 5, and that it will be a permanent licence, not time limited.

It is not available yet because GV have not released a version of the OFX bridge for EDIUS 9, but that is coming soon. When it does I will have more information on how this deal will work.

My favourite Titler for EDIUS is VisTitle, but Titler Pro is actually very powerful. NewBlue have just released Titler Pro 6 and so will be hoping you upgrade from the free V5; it is also possible there is some limitation to the free version - the version that used to ship with the Bridge was not as "realtime" as the paid for version - but that will not stop it being better than QuickTitler and free!

Why is Titler Pro coming with the OFX bridge? Because NewBlue wrote the OFX bridge for Grass Valley. I will post more information on this when it is available.

If you would prefer VisTitle then I do have a couple of copied left which you can buy from me. In the old DVC company I used to import VisTitle from China and resell it and the plug-ins in the UK. At present I do not have the resources to buy a few thousand pounds worth of stock and resell it, which means there is not really anywhere in Europe where you can buy VisTitle. If you would like to order one of the two copies I have left please contact me on david@dvctraining.co.uk or 07443 512146.


8th December 2017

I have to report I made a mistake in my post on an ulmited version of NewBlue Titler Pro 5 coming with EDIUS Workgroup 9. Titler Pro 5 will come with EDIUS 9 but it will be an unlimited version in both the Pro and the Workgroup versions - not just in the Workgroup version.

You will get NewBlue Titler Pro 5 installed when you install the OFX bridge for EDIUS 9. This has not been released yet but will hopefully be out this month. I will post here when I it is released.

Hopefully, I will also make some quick videos on how to use Titler Pro 5 soon as well. It does depend on how busy I am in the run up to Christmas. There are actually a lot on the NewBlue website anyway, although they are spread out over various versions so there is a lot to get through!

What's new in EDIUS 9 videos available

17th November 2017

I have posted two videos on my YouTube channel and website about EDIUS 9, which you can see here: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/shop/What-s-new-in-EDIUS-9.00.html.
The tutorial is in two parts - the first concerns HDR and the second covers all the other changes in EDIUS 9.

Adobe Premiere Pro list of supported QuickTime codecs in the future

Adobe Premiere Pro list of supported QuickTime codecs in the future

If you have been using CC2018 recently and using QuickTime files you may have noticed a message popping up in the corner saying Adobe are stopping support for 32bit QuickTime files. Every editing program is doing this because Apple stopped supporting QT on Windows last year. However, what was not clear is what kind of QuickTime files Premiere will load in the future? As they are not using Apple they have to specifically write support for codecs into the program, so it will be limited.

Adobe did not have a list of codecs that would continue to work in the future - which was a real pain as you would not know which clips would load in a future version of Premiere if you revisited the project at a later date. A list of supported codecs has now appeared on the Adobe forums.

The codecs that will be supported in the future are:

Native Video Import:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • ProRes
  • Cineform
  • DV
  • AVCI
  • h264
  • IMX
  • MPEG2
  • HDV
  • HEVC
  • Uncompressed
  • Animation (without delta frames)

Native Audio Import:

  • Uncompressed
  • AAC
  • AC3 (Windows 8 and 10 only)

Native Video Export:

  • Uncompressed
  • DV
  • Cineform
  • Animation
  • ProRes (Mac only)

Native Audio Export:

  • Uncompressed You can read the full post here: https://forums.adobe.com/message/9938622#9938622 This is a separate issue to Dolby audio not being supported on Windows 7 any more. With QuickTime Adobe is just doing the same as every other editing program maker. This list is just useful to know what will be supported "down the line".

Another nail in the coffin for Windows 7

Another nail in the coffin for Windows 7

17th November 2017

Another nail in the coffin for Windows 7!

I was just setting up Windows 7 on a Kaby Lake system yesterday and it popped up with a message say "your processor is new and not supported so we are not giving you any updates". Kaby Lake processors were released last year and their replacements, the 6 core Coffee Lake processors, have just been released. It listed some updates and then when you go to install them just pops up with the same message.

I had no idea this was going to happen. Microsoft said they would continue support for Windows 7 until 2020ish, not "we will continue support unless you buy new stuff in which case we will force you to go to Windows 10 or leave your machine a bit vulnerable of on the Internet". However, this appears to be what is happening.

This comes hot on the heels of Adobe releasing an update to Premiere Pro that will not load Dolby audio or make Dolby audio on Windows 7. Blackmagic have been saying Resolve 14 will not work properly on Windows 7 for some time. EDIUS and Avid still support both Windows 7 and 10.

This is not the end for Windows 7 and Microsoft will support it on older hardware until the official end of life, but it is another thing saying that if you are buying a new machine you should really get it with Window 10, whether you like the new O/s or not! I have recently set up a computer with Windows 7 for someone as I have a couple of copies left, and you can still buy some HP computers which give you the option of downgrading to Windows 7 instead of using Windows 10.

You can read more about this on the Microsoft site here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4012982/the-processor-is-not-supported-together-with-the-windows-version-that

Order EDIUS 9 through DVC Training

Order EDIUS 9 through DVC Training

7th November 2017

You can now order EDIUS 9 through the DVC Training website. If you use the links on my site you will be ordering directly from the main European distributors for EDIUS. We have done this mainly because my training company is not VAT registered so you would be unable to reclaim VAT if you bought from me, but you can if buying through the EU distributors. However, I will provide support for installation and set up of EDIUS, which you will be able to get by emailing or phoning me during working hours. You will also be able to get support from the distributors as well as me, but obviously it is nicer to get help from someone in the UK.

If you buy EDIUS through DVC Training you will be able to buy my tutorials at a discount. This option is not on the website currently but will be added soon.

I am also working on a short video of the new features of EDIUS 9 which I will post on the YouTube channel soon, and will post here when it is completed.

You can order the full version of EDIUS Workgroup or Pro, and upgrades from EDIUS 8. There is also a jump upgrade from nearly any old version of EDIUS to EDIUS 9 (either Workgroup or Pro).

Finally, if you have the Workgroup version of EDIUS 8 you can choose to upgrade to the Pro version of EDIUS 9 as well as the Workgroup version. Upgrading Workgroup to Workgroup is more expensive than upgrading from Workgroup to Pro, so you have the option of moving to the Pro version of EDIUS 9 if you feel you don't need the extras in the Workgroup version.

Visit this page for more information: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/shop/Ordering-EDIUS-or-EDIUS-upgrades.html

Adobe release CC2018

Adobe release CC2018

22nd October 2017

Adobe have released the latest version of their video applications. Premiere Pro has new VR capabilities, can open multiple projects at once, has some titling improvements and Adobe's collaboration tool, Team projects, is no longer beta.
Adobe Speedgrade has not has an update as it is officially toast now and does not even appear on the list of installable apps any more. It is possible to install Speedgrade but you have to delve into the depths of the Adobe CC application and tick a box that says "show old applications" for it to appear on the list.

There are a variety of videos available from Adobe explaining the new features. An interesting interview with Adobe bigwig, Bill Roberts, can be seen here:

Your Adobe CC app should be prompting you to install the updates and as a default will remove your old versions. Also once a project is opened and converted in the latest version it will not open in the previous version.

No support for Dolby digital audio on Windows 7 any more

This is quite a big one IMO and something I did not realise until seeing some reaction on the forums. Adobe have stopped supporting Dolby Digital audio natively and use the support built-into the operating system. This is OK for people using Windows 10, but Windows 7 did not have native Dolby support. The net upshot is if you install CC2018 onto a Windows 7 system and try to load clips which use Dolby Digital - like AVCHD you get an error message telling you to go off an get a Microsoft media pack, which will not install on your system unless you have bought it. So essentially you cannot use CC2018 on Windows 7 with these kinds of clips.

I could not quite believe that a bit change like this would appear and Adobe would not warn you before installing the new versions and removing the old ones, so I set up a Windows 7 system from scratch to try it and it is true! You should be able to go back to CC2017 or earlier and it will load Dolby files, although some users have said this does not work for them.

How to do you go back to CC2017?

Normally you would do this through the CC app, but Adobe only list CC and CS6 as the two options. They have therefore supplied links to download stand-alone installers for the CC2017 versions of the applications that you can get from here:


Adobe's "fix" for not being able to load Dolby files on Windows 7 is to upgrade to Windows 10.

What do I think?

I don't sell this stuff any more so I can be free to offer an opinion and I have to say this kind of thing staggers me. I can understand switching to native o/s support if it is there because it is cheaper and the majority of users will probably have moved to Windows 10. But why cant you warn me of stuff like this before I install? Why do I have to trawl through hundreds of messages on the Adobe Forums to find out what major changes you have made without telling me? It happened when the direct link to Speedgrade disappeared, when the titler was changed and made into legacy and now Dolby sound. You produce lots of videos explaining the new features that are great, how about you explain some changes to old features a bit better so we can better decide whether to update or not.

Information on EDIUS 9

10thOctober 2017

EDIUS 9 is still about a month away from release, and I will be doing a video myself about the new features when it arrives. There were various videos made at the recent IBC show interviewing Alex, the product manager, and talking about the new features. The video linked to below contains a bit where I am demonstrating the new things inside the program. The version we were showing at IBC was an early version so there may be some changes by the time EDIUS 9 actually arrives.


You may not learn too much more than you already know about EDIUS 9, but since I am in it I had to give it a plug!

Resolve 14 loads AC3 audio

Resolve 14 loads AC3 audio

29thSeptember 2017

Resolve 14 loads AVCHD clips properly! Resolve 14's non-beta version was released a couple of weeks ago, just before IBC. Amongst all the new features that were announced I had not noticed that now it will load AC3 audio. In previous versions I could not load AVCHD clips, a format a lot of people use, because Resolve would not load the sound, saved in AC3. With Resolve 14 this has changed and I now can load all my AVCHD clips, both stereo and surround sound. 

I have not seen an official notice somewhere that this is now supported, and can't even find a list of supported formats for Resolve 14, although someone on the BM forums confirmed it was added.

This is in the free version of Resolve as well as the Studio version. Resolve still does not load up many formats - such as most AVI files, and if you are still filming on DV you will have problems, but at least this very commonly-used format now works.

Grass Valley show EDIUS 9 at IBC

Grass Valley show EDIUS 9 at IBC

18thSeptember 2017

I am at IBC in Amsterdam demonstrating EDIUS 9 for Grass Valley. 

You can see an interview with the EDIUS product manager at the show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuXVlUX9Fpc

EDIUS 9 will be released in November 2017. It will be a chargeable upgrade, that is $199 for EDIUS 8 Pro to EDIUS 9 Pro and $399 for EDIUS 8 to 9 Workgroup. There should also be an option to upgrade from EDIUS 8 Workgroup to EDIUS 9 Pro at a lower cost.

There will also be a permanent option for owners of older versions of EDIUS to upgrade to EDIUS 9 - to either the Pro or Workgroup version. This jump upgrade extends to owners of EDIUS Neo.
EDIUS 9 will continue as before with no subscription. There is an optional cloud based version intended for large corporate customers but this is not replacing the standard version, just an additional option.
There will be more features added in the next two years and more details we be announced nearer release.

Adobe showcase updates at IBC

Adobe showcase updates at IBC

21stSeptember 2017

At IBC Adobe were showing a peak at their next update which is due soon. The major new features are that you can now work on multiple projects at once, there are some nice improvements to the new titler, more VR effects and some other small changes. Also people without the Teams version of CC can still collaborate quite easily with other users and share projects.

Jason Levine did an in depth live broadcast from the show which explains all these new features and which you can see here: https://youtu.be/6eT0BwhQt6E

Final version or Resolve 14 released

Final version or Resolve 14 released

11thSeptember 2017

The final version of Resolve 14 is now shipping. There has been a beta version available for ages and now it is finally out of beta and an "official" program. Many of the problems I was having with the beta seem solved but there are bound to be others.
Resolve Studio has also got cheaper and is now available to use with software activation - it is activated over the internet rather than requiring a USB dongle. I can report that if you had a dongle for version 13 it still works with 14.

There is a lot of nice stuff in the new version. It still has some of the limitations of the previous versions when it comes to loading type of footage like AVCHD and AVI files (the limitation is basically it doesn't), but there is a lot in it, especially for a program which is free.

You can read more about Resolve here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/

Grass Valley will be demonstrating EDIUS 9 at IBC

Grass Valley will be demonstrating EDIUS 9 at IBC

8thSeptember 2017

We expected a new version of EDIUS and Grass Valley's IBC press release says they will be showing off an early version of EDIUS 9 with new HDR features. The new version is slated for release in November and anyone who buys a copy of EDIUS from 1st September will get the new version as a free upgrade.

IBC is the biggest video show in Europe and is in Amsterdam from Sept 15th to 19th.

I will be on the Grass Valley stand for the whole show demonstrating EDIUS 9 so maybe I will see you there.

You can read the full Grass Valley press release here : https://www.grassvalley.com/press/20170907-3269-grass-valley-demonstrates-flexible-solutions-for-news-production-in-a-more-connected-world-at-ibc-2017/

See the Avid timeline of the feature film Baby Driver

See the Avid timeline of the feature film Baby Driver

29th July 2017
Ever wanted to see what the timeline of a feature film looks like? Avid posted this on their bog which is the Avid timeline of the feature film “Baby driver”, http://www.avidblogs.com/analyze-the-full-media-composer-timeline-of-baby-driver.,

There is also an interesting interview with the editor for Baby driver describing how he was on set everyday and editing footage as it was filmed.

Order the SGDV VisTitle tutorial for immediate download

Order the SGDV VisTitle tutorial for immediate download

20th July 2017

You can now order the SGDV VisTitle tutorial from DVC Training and download the files immediately, once ordered.

The VisTitle tutorial covers all the basic operations of VisTitle and has several “How to” sections explaining how to achieve things like a TypeWriter effect, animating on a path and syncing animations to audio.

The tutorial is £76. You can order the tutorial and read more information here: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/shop/SGDV-Vistitle-Tutorial.html

Grass Valley release EDIUS 8.51

Grass Valley release EDIUS 8.51

15th July 2017

Today Grass Valley have released a new update for EDIUS, 8.51. Amongst several bug fixes the most notable new feature is the automatic loudness correction on export.
This feature will let you tick a box in the print to file dialogue (open advanced conversion and look in the audio section) and EDIUS will automatically make sure the Audio is inside a specific loudness range. This feature is ONLY in Workgroup and only really for people who are delivering video for broadcast as it trims audio levels so that the sound is within broadcast limits. It is not an audio compressor or leveller, just a simple tool, a bit like choosing “safe colours” on a grading tool.

The other interesting addition is a change with QuickTitler. In old QuickTitler if you made a title on an HD computer screen, and then moved to a machine with a 4K computer screen you would probably find that the text changed size in your titles. This was down to the “scaling” setting in Windows, which was actually affecting the fonts in QuickTitler. With 8.51 this has changed so that if you change the scaling in Windows the QT titles look the same. Since I do quite regularly pop between screens which are 4K and screens which are HD this is a welcome change.
If you have EDIUS Pro it should be prompting you to download the update. If you have EDIUS Workgroup visit the Grass Valley download site and download it : https://www.grassvalley.com/auth?r=%2Fsupport%2Fdownloads%2Fproducts

You can read more on the Grass Valley forums:  https://forum.grassvalley.com/forum/showthread.php?s=af8db96f3a62e81f4a2af0493378dcf1&t=40014

Date for release of new version of Magix Vegas 15 announced

Date for release of new version of Magix Vegas 15 announced

19th July 2017
Magix have announced the date for the launch of Vegas 15: 28th August 2017.  They bought Vegas from Sony last year and released version 14.  Apart from completely rebranding the product, the major changes since Sony’s last version were that Vegas could now export Apple ProRes QuickTime movies, had a couple of new filters including a new de-interlace filter and an improved way of rescaling footage, and Magic removed the ability to make professional Dolby Pro audio, for cost reasons, although you could still make Dolby Surround sound using a “domestic” plug-in, similar to the way most other editing programs make Dolby sound.

Information on the new features of Vegas is limited to the details contained on the post mentioned below.  Magix say they will be making the interface more customisable and using Quick Sync, technology built into the most commonly used Intel I5 and i7 processors, to accelerate encoding and decoding of footage.

There is no information on upgrade pricing as yet.  You can read more on the Magix forums: https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/us/forum/vegas-pro-15-release-date–107253/ 

Order Grass Valley EDIUS through DVC training

Order Grass Valley EDIUS through DVC training

3rd July 2017
You can now order Grass Valley EDIUS and EDIUS upgrades through the DVC training website. When you order you will be buying through Magic Multimedia, the European distributors for EDIUS, but as you are ordering through DVC you will get support for installation and other EDIUS issues through me at DVC training.

As EDIUS is not posted to you but supplied as a serial number which you download you will get the licence supplied when you order the software by email and you can download, install and activate the software straight away.

You can order EDIUS through the DVC training website here: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/shop/Ordering-EDIUS-or-EDIUS-upgrades.html

Editing and effects for free

Editing and effects for free

21st June 2017
I have added a new guide to the website called “editing for free” which looks and various programs which are available for free for editing, effects, audio and 3D.  On each one I describe what I have found is good about the program and what is bad.  You can read the guide here: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/shop/Editing-for-free.html

BTW if you are wondering what the picture that comes with this article represents, it is actually a render from the free 3D program Blender, with some logos overlaid.  It is not a picture I made myself, unfortunately – it is one I borrowed from Blender’s site.

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