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Ordering EDIUS or EDIUS upgrades

If you order a version of EDIUS 9 from the links below you get support for installation and other problems from DVC training.  When you click on the order button you will be taken to the website of the European distributors for EDIUS and will be ordering directly from them. This means you will get support for DVC Training and the main European distributors. I am supplying EDIUS in this way because DVC Training is not VAT registered and so this enables you to buy direct from the European distributors and claim back any VAT paid, but still have UK-based help.

To order simply click on the button to order EDIUS, and on the next page add EDIUS to a basket and order. You will be charge VAT at the UK VAT rate and get a proper VAT invoice. You will get your license and serial number with a download link, directly after your payment, so you can start working immediately.

If you have installation problems, or problems using the software, you can email david@dvctraining.co.uk or ring 07443 512146, between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday, and I will be happy to help.

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