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Vistitle Basics

Click here for a complete playlist of all the chapters:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-sXlPDO1HA720ubKDb5fZOUfNNcZ6zQ1

Part 1 - Templates & Mini Vistitle

Vistitle is the best animated titling program for use with Grass Valley EDIUS. In the first part of our look at the basics of using Vistitle we show the simplest way to create a title using the templates in EDIUS, and then how to use the mini interface to change the words and customise the title.

Part 2 - The Interface

Creating a title from scratch using the full Vistitle interface. Here we explain all the basic parts of the Vistitle interface

Part 3 - Designing the text

Now we add some text and design a look. Vistitle gives you all the tools you need to make elegant titles.

Part 4 - Basic animation

In this chapter we make the text move by adding basic animation to Vistitle. It is very similar to making animation using EDIUS' layouter and many other compositing programs.

Part 5 - Areas

We use areas in Vistitle to split the title into sections for animation. Add an area and tick the box and suddenly your text types on screen without any major effort. Or add an animation in the area and text flies in character by character.

Part 6 - Using preset effects

Having designed some text we want to add some effects to it. The simplest way is to use some of the preset Vistitle effects.

Part 7 - Adding graphics

Having added some text in Vistitle we now add a simple box behind the text, make it semi transparent and add an animation.

Part 8: Vistitle's 3D Particle plug-in

In this section we will add some particle effects using Vistitle's 3D particle plug-in.

Part 9 - customising your particles

In the final part of our basic Vistitle tutorial we customize the particles created in part 8. This is not an in-depth look at the particle plug-in, just a simple introduction to explain some of the basics.

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