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What's new in EDIUS 8.3?

What's new in EDIUS 8.3

In these videos we look at the new features of EDIUS 8.3. These include optical flow slow motion, new proxy resolutions, better support for 4K computer screens and the ability to burn a disc from any resolution project. The first two chapters examine optical flow in depth and explain the benefits and the pit falls. The last two cover the other new features..

What's new in EDIUS 8.3 part 1 - optical flow slow motion

Optical flow gives you a better way to change the speed of your clips inside EDIUS. In the first part of our look at EDIUS 8.3 we examine the good bits and bad bits of optical flow and compare it to other programs..

What's new in EDIUS 8.3 part 2 - optical flow slow motion options

In EDIUS 8.3 you can choose the default interpolation method to be used on all speed changes. Should you do so and what is the "knock on" effect?


What's new in EDIUS 8.3 part 3 - new bin display and proxy mode changes

In this chapter we look at the new display modes in the EDIUS bin but mainly look into the two new proxy resolutions which give better looking proxy files. We also explain how to use proxy mode, how to make proxy files, the advantages of them and any potential problems.

What's new in EDIUS 8.3 part 4 - Burn to disc and using a 4K computer screen.

In the final part of our look at EDIUS 8.3 we look at the other new features - the ability to make a DVD or Blu-ray from any project, the improvements to the interface when using a 4K computer screen and the changes in the GV Browser.

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