Check your licence

With EDIUS 8 and 9 you can make an EDIUS ID which stores your serial number (this is mandatory with EDIUS Pro). On this page is a link to the page to access your EDIUS ID info:

There is a limit to how many times you can activate and deactivate EDIUS.  If you want to check what the current status is on your licence you can visit this page and enter your serial number:

Download an EDIUS installer

The EDIUS download site has changed but you can still access the old download site here:

You can also download the latest versions of EDIUS here:

Get updates for plugins easily

This page:, on the EDIUS.NET site lists many of the plug-ins for EDIUS with a direct link, where possible, to the latest version of the software.  VisTitle 2.8 can be downloaded directly from the links here, for example.