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What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

DVC introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro CC from 2013

The entire introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro CC is about 50 minutes long and was created when Adobe was just starting the Creative Cloud versons.  Much of it willstill be relevant to the current version of Premiere but obviously there are difference. You can either watch the whole video from start to end, or you can watch it in more manageble chuncks, all listed below.

The Entire DVC Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

This video is the entire demonstration and is about 50 minutes long.

Chapter 1- Introducing Premiere Pro CC

The first of 9 videos where we look at the new features of Premiere Pro CC, due out mid June 2013.

This chapter covers the new welcome screen, syncing settings and changing the auto save folder..

Chapter 2 – Adobe Premiere Pro CC – The new timeline

The second part of our look at Premiere Pro CC we look at the new timeline design in Premiere Pro CC, including customising the track header and the various changes to the way waveforms and other parts of the timeline are displayed.

03 – Premiere Pro CC – The audio clip mixer and through edits

What happens when once sequence is dropped in another, close all other timeline panels, the new Clip audio mixer, displaying and removing “through” edits, displaying audio sync problems and new ways of displaying effects on the timeline.

04: Premiere Pro CC – Relinking clips

One of the most useful changes in Premiere Pro CC – the new way of relinking clips using the media browser, relinking from the timeline, the lack if a dynamic link to Adobe Encore, adding chapter markers and selecting clips on all tracks

05: Premiere Pro CC – Cross dissolves & paste attributes

Adding cross dissolves using keyboard short cuts the Premiere Pro CC way, trim entire clip, see audio waveforms, audio channel changes and the new paste attributes dialogue,

06: Premiere Pro CC – New video & audio effects

Sorting the bin in icon mode, new safe areas, the clip effect, Lumetri grading effect & new audio effects.

07: Premiere Pro CC – The Mercury Playback Engine & track patching

Changes in the basic playback engine to encompass more graphic cards and make it easier to work with unvalidated cards, got to gap, duplicate frame makers and the new way of track patching.

08: Premiere Pro CC – Avid DNxHD, Multicamera & Mercury Transmit

Using Avid DNxHD render codec in Premiere Pro, creating a multicamera sequence using the sound, and small Mercury Transmit changes, importing projects using the Media Browser, changing audio channels on clips.

09: Premiere Pro CC – More about the Creative Cloud

The final chapter in our look at Premiere Pro CC looks a bit more at the special features of the Creative Cloud and also your choices for upgrading – a perpetual CS6 licence, a standard Creative Cloud account or a Creative Cloud for Teams account..