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DVD writing programs

Although some software makers would like you to believe people do not want DVDs any more some people still want them. Here is a round up of some ways to make DVD using programs you can still get:

Adobe Encore

If you have previously bought Adobe Encore you can still use it. However, you cannot download the install files from Adobe any more. If you still have the install files then you can install Encore CS6 and it will work with your Creative Cloud subscription. If you do not have the file then you cannot download them. I do have copies of the install files myself so if I have to do work on your computer I can install Encore for you but I cannot give out these files or put them somewhere to be downloaded.

Grass Valley EDIUS

EDIUS is an editing program with DVD and Blu-ray writing built-in.  The authoring is not as comprehensive as offered by Encore, but it can make a disc with a main menu and a chapter menu, both of which can be customised. For most people this is enough, however, there are a lot of advanced authoring features in Encore that are not in EDIUS and will not be added. You can obviously read more and buy EDIUS through this website.

Pinnacle Studio

Another editing program with authoring included. Studio has two ways of making discs – either the one based on the authoring that was built-into Avid Liquid, or a separate program that comes with it. You can also make Blu-ray discs with Studio if you buy an extra plug-in. Pinnacle Studio

DVD Styler

I have not used this program but it is a free option that I saw mentioned on the Adobe forums:


TMPEG Authoring Works

This is a wizard drive program which is also very powerful, according to many users.  Personally I use TMPEG’s conversion program and their Premiere and EDIUS plug-ins, which are very good, but have not used the authoring program.


There are also some comprehensive tutorials available for TMPEG from Gaijin Eyes.