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Editing programs and Windows 11

Here I will collect the latest info I have on which programs support Windows 11.

Grass Valley EDIUS

EDIUS 10.3 is officially supported on Windows 11 – this was available from December 2021. EDIUS 9 and earlier versions are not officially supported but may work. I have used EDIUS 9 on Windows 11 with no problems but did not test everything. EDIUS 6.5 and earlier did not work properly on Windows 10 so do not expect them to work on Windows 11. Obviously the best option if using Windows 11 is to get the validated EDIUS X.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic have not listed Windows 11 as officially supported but have posted in their forums that it works ok on Windows 11:

Blackmagic Forum • View topic – is Windows 11 supported as an OS? (blackmagicdesign.com) saying:

“Resolve 17.4.x works on Windows 11.
We have it running for quite some time in QA.
If you find issues, please let us know”

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere is not on the Adobe officially supported list here:

Can I run my Adobe apps in Windows 11?

But it does say on this page:

“Users must update to an NVidia driver version 472.12 or later on Windows 11. Earlier versions of the drivers have not been approved by Microsoft. No specific issues have been reported at this time.”

Magic Vegas

Vegas is not officially supported as yet. In this thread : Since upgrading to Windows11, Vegas 19 is slow to open (vegascreativesoftware.info) they say :

“VEGAS Pro has not been tested for and does not officially support Windows 11. Reports by other users here say they have no problems with it, but again, it’s not officially supported yet.”

Matrox MX02

Matrox will not be supporting Windows 11 – they never actually produced drivers for Windows 10 and the MX02 has not been sold for some time. I have installed my MX02 on Windows 11 using the Windows 8 drivers and the method described to get the Adobe plug-ins working in the latest versions of Premiere, using CC2022. I have only used it as an output device but it has been working ok.

How to make the MX02 work with the latest versions of Adobe CC is explained here: Make a Matrox MX02 work in the latest versions of Creative Cloud – DVC Training