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Resolve Quick tips

On this page I will post any quick tip videos I make for DaVinci Resolve.

Changing keyboard shorcuts

This video explains how to change the keyboard shortcuts in Davinci Resolve. This is mainly to help people who have started using Resolve and find that when they delete a clip on the timeline everything moves. The simplest answer to this is to change the delete key so it works as it does in other editing programs. You can see the video here:

Changing project settings

This is a quick video about a how to set the default project settings in DaVinci Resolve, the settings I chose and why. I did go over some of these in my Resolve 18 introduction videos but since then how to set the default settings has changed.

8 Quick Tips

In this short video I have 8 quick tips about editing in Resolve – basically small things that have left me scratching my head sometimes or wishing there was just a quicker way to do something. In Resolve there is probably a solution but there is so much in it, the solution may be hard to find!

00:29 1. Swapping clips on the timeline
01:36 2. Pasting clips to specific tracks
03:00 2a: Paste Insert
03:38 3. Play around
05:16 4. Showing Stereo Waveforms
07:08 5. Timeline Scrolling
08:39 6. Reset UI Layout
09:57 7. Going to a specific timecode
11:56 8. List of timelines