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The full EDIUS tutorial is £80. There is a discount if you have had a previous version of either the EDIUS 7/8 or 9 tutorial. If you order the tutorial now you will receive any updates I release for the tutorial for a year from when you ordered it.

If you think you are eligible for a free update please email me on sales@dvctraining.co.uk.

EDIUS Tutorial

EDIUS tutorial full: £80
EDIUS X tutorial upgrade from EDIUS 9 version: £25
EDIUS X tutorial upgrade from earlier version: £40
Special offer if you buy EDIUS through my website: £40

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EDIUS tutorial contents

My EDIUS tutorial disc covers all aspects of editing and using Grass Valley EDIUS and the Grass Valley Mync. This tutorial is designed for users of EDIUS 9 and EDIUS X. Where it covers items which are only in EDIUS X, or EDIUS 9 this will be clearly listed in the menus. Obviously, I do not update EDIUS every time there is a slight change in the interface, however, nearly all of the tutorial has been done with the EIDUS 9/X interface. Below I will highlight which sections contain chapters with an older interface. These will be updated, however, and you will get free updates to the tutorial which have been done within a year of your purchase.

The following is a summary of different sections of the tutorial. If you want to see a complete list of all of the chapters please click here. 

This disc starts with a section that goes through a complete edit from start to finish, and then has other sections looking at specific parts of the program. The entire tutorial lasts 36 hours. Whilst this might sound like a lot the tutorial goes in depth to every part of EDIUS. I do not expect you to look at the entire thing in one go, but to work though sections as needed. The tutorial has been made to run in a web browser so you can bookmark sections and return to them as needed. You can also by pass the interface completely if you prefer and play the individual chapters as MP4 files.

Section 1: The introduction and a complete edit – 3 hrs 15minutes

A complete edit – 3 hours
This section is a complete course in editing in EDIUS.  It covers importing footage, editing, trimming, adjusting sound levels and make a final Blu-ray or DVD disc, and a file for YouTube. This is the best place to start your EDIUS training.

A tour of EDIUS – 38 minutes
If you have worked through the complete edit you should now know the basics of EDIUS.  In this section I will take you through the different windows in EDIUS, what they are all for and different parts to keep an eye on, like the “hints on the bar”.

Starting EDIUS 9 for the first time – 44 mins
In this section I explain all the basics of setting up EDIUS for the first time, and talk about loading my own DVC user presets and profiles which will have been included with this tutorial.

Installing EDIUS X 23 mins
EDIUS X has a special installer which you can get from EDIUS.NET which puts on EDIUS and all the extras for you.

Section 2: Editing – 6 hours 33 minutes

This section deals with everything to do with editing the picture.  I start with organising clips in the bin, and talk about sequences and subclips, then look at all the ways of adding them to the timeline, and trimming.

IA then have sections on specific types of editing such as editing multi-camera and stereoscopic projects.

Finally we have a section which is a round-up of other editing features such as proxy mode, field editing, restoring missing clips and many other options.

Section 3: Audio Editing – 2 hours 29 minutes

Ways of mixing, editing and generally getting the best out of your sound. This also includes details on how to deal with surround sound and multi-track audio and EDIUS audio mixer. It also includes chapters on the new audio filters included with EDIUS X. The update to this section was completed in Jan 2022.

Section 4: Effects – 10 hours 35 minutes

In this section I look at everything to do with effects. I start with the basics and how to keyframe effects, rendering and different ways of dealing with the timeline if EDIUS cannot play it back. Then there are specific sections on grading, titles, transitions, changing the speed, the image stabilizer, the mask filter and keying. I also have a section which cover the EDIUS’ layouter in depth. This also includes chapters about the new options in EDIUS X and an introduction to NewBlue Titler Pro

Section 5: Importing -3 hours 13 minutes

EDIUS’ slogan is “EDIT ANYTHING” and it can pretty much take any kind of footage. Some footage is best imported in specific way using the source browser. There is also a program called the Mync for cataloguing footage. This is different to the source browser which is part of EDIUS itself.

This section includes how to capture from DV – which is not available in EDIUS X – and some chapters were made with an older interface of EDIUS and will be updated soon. The information included is all relevant.

Section 6: Exporting clips – 3 hours 18minutes

There are many ways of exporting clips from EDIUS using the print to file option. Here we look at all the different formats you can export, how to make MP4 files and files for Blu-ray and DVD, and the options for batch encoding. We cover topics like how to get he best quality when resizing and how to convert interlace footage to progressive.

We also have a section that covers exporting back to DV or HDV tape, and exporting a project to another program like DaVinci Resolve using an AAF.

Section 7: Burn to Disc – 2 hours 7 minutes

EDIUS can make DVD and Blu-ray discs off the timeline with this option. Discs are simple with a main menu and a sub-menu with chapters you specify. Menus are made using templates which can be thoroughly customized. You can do a lot with EDIUS’ burn to disc if you know how. In the complete edit section at the start of the tutorial we cover enough for you to make simple discs with menus and without. Here we look at everything is a lot more depth, covering many different options such as customizing menus, encoding settings and every aspect of the burn to disc part of EDIUS.

This section is using chapters made for our EDIUS 7 tutorial, although all the information is still relevant.

Section 8: Settings – 2 hours 6 minutes

EDIUS has a large variety of settings. Some are specific to the computer being used, some are specific to the user and some are specific to a project or even an individual sequence. Here we look at all these different settings and also how to set up EDIUS with a variety of different hardware. This includes how to set up your own project settings, making project templates and how to use additional hardware from Blackmagic and Grass Valley.
All the chapters in this section have recently been completely updated with information on EDIUS 9 and X.

Section 9: How to.. – 44 minutes

In this section I have some videos which cover commonly asked questions and problems. Some of them cover the subject completely, some will just point you to the correct place on the tutorial for the information you need..

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