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Colour and Image correction

Grass Valley have some excellent and easy-to-use colour correction tools – primarily the Three Way Colour Corrector and the YUV curve effect. You can also limit the colour correction tools to a specific are using the MASK filter.. More advanced grading was added in EDIUS 8 with the Primary Colour corrector in which you can adjust the colour temperature of a clip, change the RGB Curve. lift gain and gamma and apply LUTS. It also has built in tools to convert images for HDR.

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EDIUS has a wide range of transitions – starting with the obvious cross dissolve. It has 2D and 3D transitions built in and each can be customised.

Transitions can sit either between two clips on one track, or one two clips placed in an “A” and “B” style arrangement on two different tracks. This is probably the closest any program gets to the old “A” & “B” tracks for transitions that was prevalent in programs in the 1990s.

EDIUS also includes a large range of 3D transitions which use the graphic card for rendering, with explosions, spheres wipes, cubes and other wacky 3D effects.

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EDIUS compositing

EDIUS is actually pretty good as a compositing program. The layouter on every clip can move clips around in 3D and 2D and beause EDIUS has great realtime playback it can handle several layers flying around before it has to render. It has a very good realtime Chromakey filter built in, as well as Lumakey, track mattes and if that is not enough you can even make your own mattes using the new MASK tool. The latter gives you the kind of masking abilities you would normally have to buy a program like Adobe After Effects to achieve.

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Time remappingMiscellaneous filters

EDIUS has a lot of very nice filters which include decent slow motion – both a flat rate and a variety where you can start at one speed and then change to another, called TIME REMAPPING. EDIUS also has a really nice OLD MOVIE filter which can be used as the name suggests or just to add a “film look” to a shot; there are nice BLUR, SOFT FOCUS and MOTION BLUR effects, plus filters like Pencil sketch and EMBOSS.

Audio filters

EDIUS has some excellent audio filters built-in. You can add more in the form of standard VST plug-ins.

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