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EDIUS 11: Anti-virus & Firewall settings

This video explains about various problems you may encounter with EDIUS 11 and your anti-virus as well as various other possible issues:

The list of programs added to the firewall was correct at the time I made the video however, as computers develope and get used more in the real world I have added a few more programs into the list. The following are the folders I would currently add to the list of exceptions in Windows security:

C:\Program Files\Grass Valley
C:\ProgramData\Grass Valley

The following are the programs I would currently recommend adding to the the Firewall exceptions:

C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\EDIUS 11\edius.exe
C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\EDIUS 11\EHRenderEngine.exe
C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\EDIUS 11\EHRenderWorker.exe
C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\Chorus Hub\EH Render Service\EHRenderService.exe
C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\Chorus Hub\EH Render Service\EHRenderServiceHost.exe
C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\Chorus Hub\Tools\AdminConsole.exe

Updated 19/12/2023