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Editing in DaVinci Resolve 12.5

Editing in DaVinci Resolve 12.5

Blackmagic have enhanced the editing features of DaVinci Resolve so that now it is possible to do a complete edit entire in Resolve, just using the free version. In these videos we compare the editing features of Resolve to other programs and point out a few things you will need to know if moving from other programs like EDIUS and Premiere Pro.

Editing in Resolve Part 1: Using DaVinci Resolve for editing

With Resolve 12.5 Blackmagic have significantly enhanced Resolve editing abilities; it is now possible to use Resolve for all your editing needs, if you so wish.

There are some limitations which we will cover in these videos. We will also point out how you do things you commonly do in other programs inside Resolve.

In this first chapter we look at the interface of Resolve and explain how you work through the different pages, and how to organise the interface..

Editing in Resolve Part 2: Importing footage

Resolve has a lot of nice options for importing footage although is quite limited on the formats it can import. This is probably the biggest drawback you have in using Resolve as your main editing program as most formats will need to be converted to be usable in Resolve. There are some nice import options, however, including the ability to split clips based on the video content, which are explained here.

Editing in Resolve Part 3: Editing, trimming sound & titles

In the third part of this series we look at the editing page in Resolve, and highlight some of the differences between Resolve and other programs.

Editing in Resolve Part 4: Rendering, slow motion, Fusion, and re linking

This chapter looks at more parts of the editing tab, covering slow motion inside of Fusion. We also cover some other important questions, such as where are projects saved, how can you move a project from one machine to another and how can you re-link clips which have moved. We also take a quick look at the link with Blackmagic Fusion.

Editing in Resolve Part 5: Effects in the colour page of Resolve 12.5

Resolve is a grading program, which it does very well. All the grading is carried out in the colour page. However, you can do other things in the colour page, and now that Resolve has become an editing program was well you will find yourself do all sorts of things here.

In this chapter the one thing we do not discuss is grading – instead we look as adding effects to clips in the colour page, and how it compares to a program like EDIUS or Premiere Pro, and also how to key out a portion of an image using the colour page.

Editing in Resolve Part 6: The deliver page

This deliver page is where you export footage from Resolve. The export formats are fairly limited, and a the second major way that Resolve is limited compared to other programs.

Editing in Resolve Part 7: Editing this tutorial

This set of videos was entirely created in DaVinci Resolve. In this chapter we look at the how we edited it and any problems we encountered.