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EDIUS settings download

I have made some project presets, user settings and device presets for various Blackmagic and other devices which you can download and install.

EDIUS 9 settings

Once you have downloaded this file unzip it.

Device presets

Device presets are setting you need to capture video.  I have supplied various presets for different devices.  They are all PAL presets so no use to people who use NTSC.  The “device preset.xml” file loads settings for basic fireWire. There are other settings for different Blackmagic devices and the Matrox MX02. Not all devices are included; if the device you have is not listed you will have to make some settings from scratch.

To load them go to system settings – hardware – device preset. Right click in the box next to the headings and choose import. Choose the settings you want and import them.

User settings

To import the user profile go to system settings – application – profile and you should see your existing user profile. Right click on this user profile and choose import, find the DVC.eup file and load it. Once loaded go to the settings heading and change profile and choose my user profile. This just changes some basic settings to how I like them. However, you do not need to do this as it works fine with the defaults, but I think these are better defaults.

Project presets

Also included are some project presets for the typical projects that I use. The only way to install them is to start EDIUS and then make some temporary presets using the wizard that appears. Then start EDIUS and make a project using these settings. Once you have done this you can go to where the settings are stored, delete the ones you have just made and replace them with my project presets. To do this go to :

C:\Users\dvc\AppData\Roaming\Grass Valley\EDIUS\9.00\Project Presets

Where “dvc” is your user name. Delete everything and then copy my project presets into this folder, complete with the sub folders. Next time you go to make a new project or change the project settings you should see my presets.

You do not have to use my settings, of course, and can set up what ever ones you want in the normal way.


If you have problems using my presets and settings just delete them and make your own.  I accept no responsibilty for problems caused by using them.  I don’t expect any but you always have to write this sort of stuff when you give anything away these days.