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Ordering EDIUS & EDIUS plug-ins

EDIUS 9 boxYou can order EDIUS or any of the extra plug-in or software listed here via the links on this website.  When you do you will actually be ordering it direct from the European Distributors, Magic Multimedia, who are VAT registered, unlike DVC Training, so you can reclaim the VAT. When asked to put in your VAT number please make sure you put GB before the number if you are in the UK.

As you are ordering it through my website you will get help and support through me in the UK for set up  and installation problems.  I will also send you a detailed email with some hints as well as project and user settings when you order.  If you order EDIUS through me you can also order my EDIUS tutorial at half price.  You buy the tutorial directly from me.

To read more and order EDIUS visit this page: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/ordering-edius-or-edius-upgrades/

Ordering my EDIUS tutorial

You can order my EDIUS tutorial from the links below.  There are cheaper options if you have bought one of my previous tutorials, or if you have ordered EDIUS through my website.

Free upgrades for a year

I am constantly updating the EDIUS tutorial – some of the changes are just changing parts which were made with the EDIUS 7 interface into one using the EDIUS 9/X interface and other changes are adding in videos about new features.  If you order the EDIUS tutorial you will get any updates I make for one year from when you ordered it, free.  I will post on my Facebook page when I produce an update and you can get in touch for some updated download links.

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