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EDIUS 11 Pro Upgrade Second License – £56.02 €58.80

This option lets you run EDIUS 11 on a second computer if you bought the EDIUS 11 Pro upgrade version originally.

£56.02 €58.80


You can only activate EDIUS 11 once unlike previous versions.  If you want to have a second copy on another machine, for example a laptop, you can buy a second licence using this option.  There are second licences available for all the different EDIUS options.  Make sure you buy the second licence that matches your original product – i.e. if you bought EDIUS 11 Pro, but the EDIUS 11 Pro second licence.

This licence is if you bought the EDIUS 11 Pro upgrade from E10 originally.

If you want EDIUS 11 on a 3rd computer you need to buy another full version.

£56.02 €58.80