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Installing EDIUS 9

In this series of videos I take you through downloading and installing EDIUS, and the various steps I take to configure it after install.  This includes making project presets, configuring capture and monitoring devices, setting up Quick Sync and various other Windows tweaks and changes I make.

You can also download and use my own user settings and project presets which you can find here: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/dvc-phone-email-support/edius-tips/edius-settings-download/

A complete play list of all the sections

Installing EDIUS 9 and making project presets

In this first chapter of my guide to setting up EDIUS 9 I explain how to download and install EDIUS and how to set up your first project settings.

Output with Blackmagic devices

If you have a device in your machine for outputting a picture to a proper video monitor it needs to be set up. Blackmagic are the most popular but you can use others from Grass Valley, Matrox and AJA.

Capture settings

You can capture in various ways with EDIUS – through FireWire, with a Blackmagic device or with a Microphone. I look at setting up “device presets” for all of these devices and other capture settings that are important.

0:00 Setting up a capture preset
4:49 Setting up a DV preset
6:11 Setting up a Microphone
7:25 Other capture settings.

System and user settings

Now I look at various other system settings inside of EDIUS including the buffer, the primary colour corrector, installing and using QuickTime and getting the DVD menu templates.

Windows and user settings

In part 5 of my look at setting up EDIUS I look at some basic Windows changes I make for using EDIUS.

0:00 Anti-virus settings
1:50 Screen scaling
3:16 Quick Sync
5:40 Project backups