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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 tutorial


My Premiere Pro CS6 tutorial – remade so you can view it on modern computers.


This tutorial covers everything to do with Premiere Pro CS6 and is the same as the tutorial that I used to supply with systems.  It is a bit out of date for modern users of Adobe CC.  However, the original tutorial was made in Flash using Adobe Encore and unfortunately you cannot play it on modern machines.  I have therefore remade the tutorial in the same format as my modern tutorials so it can be viewed on modern machines using Windows 7. 10 or even 11.  It is supplied here for anyone still using CS6 who wants access to the tutorial.

When you order you will be sent a download link.  The files are stored on Google Drive.  When you follow the link it will complain that it cannot either preview the file or check it for viruses but then let you download the file.  Once you have download it the simply unzip it to wherever you would like to store the file and then double click on the “index.html” file to run it.  It will run in your chosen web browsers and is divided into various sections so you can easily navigate it.

If you have any issues downloading or using the tutorial please get in touch.