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VisTitle Tutorials

Here I have a selection of videos about using VisTitle – a titling program that works in EDIUS, Premiere and Avid Media Composer

The following videos were made by me, using VisTitle 2.  Most is also relevant to VisTitle 3 Expresss, that comes with EDIUS 11, although there are subtle differences:

The basics of VisTitle

9 chapters explaining the basics of how to use VisTitle.  These videos were made using VisTitle and EDIUS but could also be used for learning VisTitle in Premiere and After Effects.

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Drawing a line on a map with VisTitle

You can use the 2D path in VisTitle to draw a line on a map- a commonly requested feature.

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Making an image pan in 3D with VisTitle

VisTitle is mainly thought of as a titling program but it can take objects and move them around in 3D space with 3D camera moves, in a very similar way to After Effects.  So I made this tutorial about taking a 2D image, splitting it up into different layers and then moving those layers in 3D and adding a 3D camera move.  This also includes a chapter on some basic Photoshop techniques for “filling in” areas which have been cut out.

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VisTitle’s own tutorials

The makers of VisTitle also made their own tutorials for VisTitle.  The are from earlier versions of VisTitle but will give you a lot of information that is relevant to VisTitle 3.  The makers are Chinese so none of their videos have narration with everything explained by on-screen captions.

You can see a full list of all their playlists here: https://www.youtube.com/@videostarbeijing9703/playlists