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Training Courses

At DVC we produce our own range of training DVDs for various editing programs.  Our most popular discs are based on Grass Valley EDIUS and Adobe Premiere Pro. Our aim has always been to provide information in the clearest way possible, whilst covering each topic in depth.

This discs are produced in Flash for playback on a computer using your web browser.  Each tutorial set is crammed with content so we have added extensive menus to the disc to help you find the topic in which you are interested.  A full contents of each disc is included on the website.  If you want to get a flavour or our tutorials we do have some free tutorials which you can view on the website here: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/free-training-videos/

Ordering: All of our DVDs are available here from the DVC shop. Prices range from £25 up to £80 (for our recent 4-disc tutorials).  If you buy a complete editing system or card, the appropriate DVC tutorial DVD will be included free of charge.

Comprehensive EDIUS tutorial

A comprehensive guide to using EDIUS with over 24 hours of material. The tutorial can be ordered and downloaded immediately, or sent by post, for people who have a bad internet connection. If you have previously bought either the EDIUS 7 tutorial or EDIUS 8 tutorial there are reduced price options.

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Adobe Encore CS6

This disc covers every aspect of Adobe’s DVD and Blu-ray creation program and is available to order by post or download

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SGDV VisTitle Tutorial

A comprehensive tutorial covering all aspects of using VisTitle, an animated graphic package for Grass Valley EDIUS, Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer.

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