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Why do some devices have problems playing my files?

A common question – why do some devices not like some of the files you can make? Why do Macs not play back lots of AVI files that you PC can? This is a simple guide to why this is the case – although the short answer is “computers are a problem”. Click here to read this guide.

DVD writing programs

Although many software makers are saying that no one writes DVDs any more people still want to make DVDs. Here is a quick round up of some of the software which is still available to make DVDs. Click here.

Problems playing old DVC tutorials

My older EDIUS 6 and Premiere tutorials were made in Flash using Adobe Encore. Flash does not work any more so it is very unlikely you can play these tutorials on a modern system. This page has details of how you might be able to make them work. Some of the old tutorials have been remade in a new format and are available from my webshop. Click here.

HD Video Formats

HD video can be shot in various formats, shapes and sizes – our up-to-date overview will help explain what’s what. Click here to read the guide.

The DVC Guide to Blu-ray

The DVC guide to writing Blu-ray discs. Want to know what the difference is between H264 and MPEG, dual or single layer discs of whether making Blu-ray discs is easy or hard, then read on! Click here for more information

DVC Guide – VHS to DVD

Do you have piles of old VHS tapes with nowhere to go in this new digital age? Read our complete guide to getting those tapes onto DVD disc. Click here for more information

DVC Guide to STEREOSCOPIC editing

Editing 3D or STEREOSOPIC pictures is getting more common, with cameras under £1,000 actually able to film in full HD quality 3D. It is actually very new and there are many differences between editing STEREO footage rather than normal 2D footage. Here we try and examine some of these. Click here for more information

Editing program shoot out

A round up of modern editing programs, comparing the features – this article is a bit out of date and on my to do list to update. Click here to read the guide.