DVD writing programs

Now that it is no longer possible to get Adobe Encore via a Creative Cloud subscription you may need to look for an alternative.  Here is a round up of some possible options:

Magic DVD Architect

This program used to be sold by Sony along side Vegas.  It is very comprehensive and can do nearly everything that Encore can do apart from Blu-ray pop up menus. http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/gb/vegas-pro/product-comparison/#productMenu

Grass Valley EDIUS

EDIUS is an editing program with DVD and Blu-ray writing built-in.  The authoring is not as comprehensive as offered by Encore, but it can make a disc with a main menu and a chapter menu, both of which can be customised. For most people this I enough, however, there are a lot of advanced authoring features in Encore that are not in EDIUS and unlikely to be added.

DVD Styler

I have not used this program but it is a free option that I saw mentioned on the Adobe forums:


TMPEG Authoring Works

This is a wizard drive program which is also very powerful, according to many users.  Personally I use TMPEG’s conversion program and their Premiere and EDIUS plug-ins, which are very good, but have not used the authoring program.


There are also some comprehensive tutorials available for TMPEG from Gaijin Eyes.