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Vistitle 3 full vs VisTitle 3 Express

Additional Features of VisTitle 3.0 Full Version
(optional as an upgrade from the VisTitle 3.0 Express included in EDIUS 11 or from VisTitle 1.x/2.x)

The following is a list of the additional features that you will get but upgrading from the Express version that comes with EDIUS 11:

Text Path Animation Plug-in:

This plug-in allows drawing a Bezier path for text to follow along the created Bezier curve. The text path can be dynamically animated with keyframes.

Stroke Animation Plug-in:


With this plug-in, you create animated stroke drawings as if by freehand. The stroke animations can be linked to selected objects and arbitrary curves. This allows animations of lines and route animations.

Shadow Plug-in:

This plug-in can create both a classic shadow as well as mirror and slant shadows. All parameters can be animated with keyframes.

Magic Composite Plug-In:

With this plug-in, you can define layers and connect them in fascinating ways. This works with letters and texts as well as with graphic objects.

Image Slideshow Plug-In

This plug-in supports more than ten different transition effects as templates for a photo album effect. Supported formats include BMP, JPG, TIF, TGA, and more.

3D Model Plug-In

A 3D camera allows dolly effects (push & pull), simulated camera shake, as well as tilt and pan movements to create a panorama effect. All effects can be timed and controlled with keyframes and can be accelerated and slowed down as desired.

3D Text Plug-In:

This plug-in automatically converts 2D text to 3D. The text can be animated letter by letter. Front, side, and back can be styled with different designs. Multiple light sources are supported.

Optional Plugin Package available:

  • 3D Particle Plug-In
    The plug-in includes various types of particle emitters such as point emitters, line, rectangle, circle, box, and sphere emitters. The particle emitters support 3D transformation controlled by keyframes. Both single and super emitters are supported. Several hundred particle templates are included and can simply be applied with a double-click.
  • Handwriting Plug-In
    The plug-in supports you in animating a handwriting by specifying the shape, contour, and color of the desired strokes. Bezier curves simplify the creation of arcs, and with keyframes, you control the stroke radius and speed.
  • Karaoke Plug-In
    The plug-in supports you in importing song lyrics as well as importing MP3 or WAV audio files and in displaying the waveform in the audio track. You can arrange the lyrics in one or two lines, support song text markers, and use custom templates for karaoke text playback effects.
  • 2D Path to 3D Path Plug-In
    The plug-in extrudes Bezier curves in the Z-direction to create 3D objects. Depth parameters and the surface design of all sides can be adjusted as desired. Multiple light sources are supported.
  • 3D Chart Plug-In
    The plug-in supports the creation of 2D/3D chart animations including cylinder, pie chart, and more. Titles can be assigned, and axes, elements, or the legend can be labeled. Effects can be controlled and timed with keyframes. Also, 3D light and animation in 3D space are supported.
* : supportVisTitle 3.0 Express (Bundle Version)VisTitle 3.0 Full
Retail Version
VisTitle 3.0 Full
+ Plugin Version
VisTitle 2.9 Full
Retail Version
VisTitle 2.9 Full
+ Plugin Version
optional (via purchasing upgrade or plugins package)
X: no support

Basic Features

included in EDIUS 11*optionaloptionalxx
EDIUS 11 support***xx
Free 2D Vector object/2D text making*****
Face, Edge, Depth, Shadow, free designed shader styles*****
WYSIWYG editing*****
Unlimited object groups and transform*****
Text deformed, curve layout*****
Keyframe animation based timeline*****
Rolling or crawling title*****
3D transform (translate, scale, rotate, pivot, opacity)*****
50+ GPU acceleration effects*****
500+ Layout Templates*****
100+ Shader style templates*****
Text Path Animation plug-inoptional****
Stroke Animation plug-inoptional****
Shadow plug-inoptional****
Magic Composite plug-inoptional****
Image Slide Show plug-inoptional****

Advanced Features

3D Modeloptional****
3D Textoptional****
3D Particles plug-inoptionaloptional*optional*
Handwriting plug-inoptionaloptional*optional*
Karaoke plug-inoptionaloptional*optional*
2D Path to 3D plug-inoptionaloptional*optional*
3D Chart plug-inoptionaloptional*optional*

Features in EDIUS

Grass Valley EDIUS title importer plug-in*****
Title mini Editor*****
SubTitle Editor*****
Title Template Library EDIUS Tab***xx
SRT importer and exporter in subtitle editor***xx
FCP XML subtitle exporter in subtitle editor***xx
EDIUS Project SRT exporter***xx