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What’s new in EDIUS 11

On this page I will link to all the videos I make about the updates that are available for EDIUS 11.

EDIUS 11.1 – Feb 2024

The major new addition to EDIUS in 11.1 was the abikity to use your nVidia GPU to accelerate playback of H.264 & H.265 footage. There was also the welcome return to the bin of the indication of whether a clip is used on the timeline.

EDIUS 11 came out last week and there are some interesting new features and additions and a change on the price (it got cheaper!). This video was made only a few days after its release so I intended to just do a quick look at the new features, rather than something in-depth but as I can’t stop tallking it is about 45 minutes long. The first section deals with the new options and prices, so you can skip to different parts of the video just by clicking on the links below: