DVC Training

Introduction to MYNC

In these 4 videos I look at Grass Valley’s media management program, Mync, which you can buy on its own or comes with EDIUS 8/9.

Mync 2: Libraries & tagging

In the second part of this series I look at using MYNC to catalogue your footage to make it easy to find clips.

Mync 3: Storyboarding

A recently added feature is that you can storyboard clips in Mync and then send the results to an editing program for finishing off. In this chapter we look at how to storyboard.

Mync 4: Exporting a storyboard to a file or editing program

In this section I look at taking a storyboard and exporting it from Mync to either an MP4 files, Adobe Premiere Pro, EDIUS or DaVinci Resolve.