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What’s new in EDIUS X

The following videos show the new features that have been added to EDIUS X:

EDIUS 10.00

In the first release of EDIUS X we had background rendering, nVidia card support, motion tracking in the layouter and some extra free plug-ins.

EDIUS 10.1 & 10.2

This video covers the new features in EDIUS 10.1 & 10.2 which include improvements to the job monitor and render and add to timeline.

EDIUS 10.3

EDIUS 10.3 was released in December 2021 and adds a large number of small useful features, as well as support for Windows 11.

EDIUS 10.31

A small update in March 2022 to Grass Valley EDIUS which adds a couple of nice features and proper support for 11th and 12th generation processors.

EDIUS 10.32

Grass Valley released a small update toward the end of April 2022 to EDIUS X. What new things were in the update?

EDIUS 10.33

In September 2022 Grass Valey released 10.33.  Another small 10.33 update followed in October.  This video looks at the changes inthe program – the addition of a tick box that lest you “bypass” the background rendering plus a slight change of how to replace clips already on the timeline.