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Making animated titles in After Effects

This tutorial covers making an animated title in After Effects CC2015 and then adding it to a Premiere Pro project, and using it as a template for multiple titles. In chapter one we give you a quick overview of the procedure. In the other chapters we cover the whole proceedure in a lot more depth, for people who are not too familiar with After Effects.

Making animated titles with After Effects and Premiere Pro-part 1-A quick summary of the process

In this set of videos we are going to make some animated titles in After Effects and then link them into Premiere Pro. We then use these as a template for multiple titles. In the first chapter we show the whole procedure condensed into a few minutes for people who know how to use After Effects. Our other chapters show how to make the title going through each step for people who have not used After Effects.

Animated After Effects titles – Part 2 – Making the shapes

The title has three basic shapes, with a bevel and gradient, which are then animated into shot. In this video we make the shapes entirely in After Effects, using masks and layer styles.

Animated After Effects titles – Part 3 – Animating the layers

Now the basic shapes have been created we need to animate them moving in, pausing and then flying off screen. All fairly simple and very similar to animation in Premiere Pro

Animated After Effects titles – Part 4 – Adding lens flares

This title has some stretched coloured lens flares which animate across the screen. We use just the standard lens flares that are found in After Effects to achieve this.

Animated After Effects titles – Part 5 – Linking After Effects to Premiere pro

The title has been made in After Effects, now we need to import it into Premiere Pro and use it. There is also a problem with the title’s lens flares which needs to be sorted out.

Animated After Effects titles – Part 6- After Effects Title templates

In the final chapter we get to the really cool stuff where we use the After Effects title as a template for more titles inside Premiere Pro, and when we change something on the Master title it affects all the titles inside Premiere Pro.