DVC Training

Premiere Pro Training

Adobe Premiere Pro -overview – 1 day – £300, group course £400

An overview of the interface, capture, editing – include various ways of trimming, common keyboard short cuts, basic titles and effects, export to DVD/Blu-ray using Adobe Encore. There is so much in Premiere it is difficult fit it all in a day’s course – for example we will only have enough time to spend about 1 hour on Adobe Encore. However, you should finish the course with enough knowledge to know edit and finish a project, plus armed with the knowledge of where to go next.

Adobe Premiere Pro – In-depth – 2 day – £600, group course £800

A two day course will cover all topics with more depth – export to Encore would be expanded to using the whole afternoon on the second day, for example.

Adobe Premiere Pro (typical 1 day course outline):


  • Introduction to Premiere and a very brief tour of the interface.
  • Capture from your camera or how best to import footage if using card based media..
  • Reviewing clips and organising on the timeline, and various editing short cuts.
  • Audio mixing, recording in more dialogue or music.


  • Titles – still image titles and moving.
  • Effects – mainly colour correction and improving images. There is a lot in Premiere Pro but we would not have time to cover it. If you have a specific need – such as being able to easily blot out peoples faces for privacy reasons then we could make sure this is covered as well.
  • Stills – how to add them to an edit, overlay and pan around them.
  • Export to DVD/Blu-ray and other formats. This would include about an hour on the basics of Adobe Encore.

Topics could be varied to make sure we covered exact subjects that you need to know. A 2 day course would cover the same general outline but there would be more time for the trainee to practice the techniques and we could cover the topics in a lot more detail.