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What’s new in EDIUS 9

On this page I will post links to videos on the new features of EDIUS 9.  More features will be added to EDIUS 9 as time passes and each time a new version arrives I will make a video on the new features you can see here or on my YouTube channel.

What’s new in EDIUS 9.4

EDIUS 9.4 adds a variety of features which includes the ability to export Apple ProRes MOV files, import ProRes RAW files, has a variety of improvements to motion tracking and the Gaussian Blur, and some closed captions changes. You can download the ProRes RAW sample clips used from here: https://filmplusgear.com/prores-raw-testfiles-for-download-nab-2018/

What’s new in EDIUS 9.3

EDIUS 9.3 was released in September 2018 and included improved optical flow slow motion, some improvements to markers, the ability to specify up to 4 default exporters and the ability to display closed captions.

What’s new in EDIUS 9.2

In these two videos I look at the new features added to EDIUS 9.2 in April 2018. The first video looks at the new scopes and how to use them. The second looks at the other changes in EDIUS and Mync.

EDIUS 9.2 part 1-New scopes

EDIUS 9.2 – other changes

Matrox MX02 driver support for Windows 8/10, monitor control, and the ability to control which LUTS appear in the PCC.

What’s new in EDIUS 9.1

EDIUS 9.1 was released in January 2018 and included the ability to make H.265 video using Quick Sync hardware, as well as a few other small changes.

What’s new in EDIUS 9.0

In these two videos I look at the new features of EDIUS 9.00 released in November 2017. The major new addition is HDR colour space support, but there are also some interesting new additions such as 10 bit MP4 output and the ability to output UHD @ 50/60P to a TV when editing.

Part 2: other changes

HDR is the main new feature of EDIUS 9 but there are some other changes as well – some small and some quite significant.