DVC Training


The range of GPU transitions is huge and includes lots of different types of 3D shapes and explosions.  All are accelerated by having the right graphic card – we can get realtime playback even on HD footage on most effects with a decent card, such as the nVidia 570.

Grass Valley say of their GPU transitions: “What makes the GPUfx visual effects package unique among its peers is that all computation and effect generation is done entirely in the YUV colorspace; from memory to CPU to GPU and back. Other solutions will flip between YUV and RGB when moving data between the CPU and the GPU.”

* The GPUfx need the right kind of graphics card with the proper level of 3D processing capabilities (Pixel Shader Model 3.0 or higher). Unsupported graphics cards will not be able to display GPUfx transitions used within a project.  This covers most modern graphic cards, even some of the “built-in” Intel cards you find on cheap laptops.  We recommend sticking with a decent nVidia or ATI card, however.  If you are unsure whether they will work on your system then download the trial version of EDIUS and try them out.

This range of effects is probably the closest to the old Hollywood FX package that you would have if you owned Avid Liquid or other Pinnacle products (all discontinued ages ago we are afraid).  They are not exactly the same as Hollywood FX would let you use 3D objects (such as Aeroplanes) in their FX, and the EDIUS one just warp and distort the image.