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EDIUS Pro 11 jump upgrade – €298.80 – £283.31

Upgrade from an old version of EDIUS to EDIUS Pro 11


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The EDIUS Pro 11 Jump Upgrade allows owners of an old EDIUS License to upgrade to EDIUS 11.

Important: The Installer will ask for a valid serial number of the old EDIUS version. If you bought your copy of EDIUS from DVC originally I may still have a record of your old serial number; please ask for more information.

The following versions can be used to Jump Upgrade to EDIUS Pro 11: EDIUS 2-9: EDIUS 2, EDIUS 3.x, EDIUS Pro 4.x, EDIUS Broadcast 4.x, EDIUS 5.x, EDIUS 6.0x, EDIUS Pro 6.5x, EDIUS Pro 7.x EDIUS Neo 1-3.5: EDIUS Neo 1.0x, 2.0x, 2.5x Booster, 3.0x, 3.5x EDIUS EDU: EDIUS 6.0x EDU, EDIUS Pro 6.5x EDU, EDIUS Pro 7.x EDU, EDIUS Pro 8.x EDU EDIUS Pro 8 Home Edition, EDIUS Pro 9 & EDIUS Workgroup 9, EDIUS Pro X & EDIUS Workgroup X

£283.31  €298.80