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EDIUS Workgroup jump upgrade from older versions – £453.97 €478.80

Jump up from an older version of EDIUS to EDIUS Workgroup 11

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The EDIUS Workgroup Jump Upgrade allows owner of an old EDIUS License to upgrade to EDIUS Workgroup 11.

Important: The Installer will ask for a valid serial number of the old EDIUS version. You can jump upgrade from any of the following versions of EDIUS: EDIUS 2, EDIUS 3.x, EDIUS Pro 4.x, EDIUS Broadcast 4.x, EDIUS 5.x, EDIUS 6.0x, EDIUS Pro 6.5x, EDIUS Pro 7.x, EDIUS Pro 8.x * EDIUS Pro 9.xYou will need your EDIUS X serial number when installing EDIUS 11; your old copy of EDIUS X will be deactivated and uninstalled when you install EDIUS 11.

This main difference between the Workgroup and Pro versions is that the Workgroup version has many features needed by broadcasters. For a full list of the advantages of the Workgroup version click here.

£453.97  €478.80