A complete edit in EDIUS 7

This link will play a complete play list of the entire tutorial. You can pick one of the chapters from the play list or from the links below.

In the first part of our basic run through on Grass Valley EDIUS we cover importing footage from an AVCHD camera.

We have imported some footage into the project now we need to arrange it properly. EDIUS has a huge array of editing features and here we touch on many of the basics. Everything is covered a lot more in depth in the full DVC tutorial set.

An extremely important part of editing – trimming the footage on the timeline..

In this section we look at adjusting the sound in EDIUS and make sound that is only appearing on one channel appear on both..

Having completed most of the sound edits we want to add some fades to the video and audio.

Now we add some titles to the video using the default EDIUS titler “Quicktitler”.

Having edited our little project we now need to make a disc out of it, so we can show it to other people. Thankfully EDIUS has DVD and Blu-ray writing built in. Here we show the disc writing without menus; we go through all the various options for customisation and menus in disc.

In part 7 we made a Blu-ray disc, in this chapter we make a DVD from our HD timeline.

In the final chapter of this tutorial we make an MP4 file of the edit, It is becoming more and more common to send people MP4 files. These chapters were uploaded to YouTube as MP4 files and they play on lost of smart TVs. Thankfully EDIUS is very good at making MP4 files and with Intel Quick sync can make them quicker than anything else.