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New Video on AVClabs AI video enhancer

I have just uploaded a video on AVClabs video enhancer – another program that lets you improve old videos using AI. This means I now have videos on 3 different AI enhancers on my channel – Topaz, HitPaw and AVCLabs. All 3 have good points and bad points and all 3 are evolving all the time. Whilst I was editing this video two new updates came out for AVCLabs, improving its abilities.
If you are interested in the program I would suggest downloading a trial and seeing how it works on your own footage (I would suggest the same for HitPaw and Topaz).
Full disclosure: For this video AVC Labs gave me a copy of the program although if you do decide to go ahead and buy a copy I do not get any commission etc.

And download a trial of AVC here: https://www.avclabs.com/video-enhancer-ai.html