DVC Training

EDIUS grading tips

These 4 videos have a series of tips for grading with EDIUS.  There is more comprehensive information in my EDIUS tutorial which you can order from this website.

EDIUS Grading part 1: the power of chrominance

In the first part of my series of grading tips I look at using the chrominance filter to constrain your grading to a specific range of colours.
The remaining parts of this series will be published in the next few days.

EDIUS Grading tips part 2: using masks

In the second part of my grading tips I look at using the mask tool to selectively grade a section of the video.

EDIUS Grading tips part 3: colour matching, scopes & screen

In part 3 of my grading tips I look at matching colours between shots, how to use the scopes to help grading and using screen blending mode as a quick way to brighten a shot.

EDIUS grading tips part 4 using looks