EDIUS tips

Check your EDIUS licence

With EDIUS 8 and 9 you can make an EDIUS ID which stores your serial number (this is mandatory with EDIUS Pro). On this page is a link to the page to access your EDIUS ID info: https://wwwapps.grassvalley.com/edius8register/

There is a limit to how many times you can activate and deactivate EDIUS.  If you want to check what the current status is on your licence you can visit this page and enter your serial number: http://activation1.grassvalley.com/flexnet/operationsportal/logon.do

Download my EDIUS settings

I have made some of my own project presets as well as some device settings and my own DVC user profile which you can download and install.  Click here for more information.

Restore Offline clips

In this guide I explain how to restore clips which have moved and EDIUS can no longer find them.

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Using the channel map feature in EDIUS to output audio for archiving

Many people do not use multiple audio tracks for stereo or surround sound audio and instead use it to archive material so that it is easy to extract, for example, the audio commentary from the “atmos” track at a later date. In this section I explain how to do this with EDIUS 7, but it is the same in EDIUS 8 and 9.

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