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Beta 4 for Resolve 15 released

Beta 4 for Resolve 15 has been released. I have been using V15 on a project to see how well it works and I have to say it is working better than previous Resolve (12 & 14) beta versions, which I would not have risked on any project that I wanted to finish. I have by no means tested everything – I have hardly touched the Fusion page – but it has been working better than I expected. It is still beta, of course, so is going to be full of bugs.

My footage is mainly Grass Valley HQ AVI/Mov files taken from EDIUS and I have been using many of the new features including the new way of upscaling that has been introduced.

My main machine has a 6GB nVidia 1060 with 32GB RAM and an i5 processor, and this can handle my projects happily. The i5 processor is a bit lower specification than I would normally use but this is in a laptop rather than a desktop. However, as Resolve relies heavily on the GPU it can cope with my range of effects and footage happily. The (paid for) Studio version uses the GPU to help playback footage it even works pretty well on 4K footage.

The story is not quite the same on a second laptop with a 2GB nVidia card which tends to say “out of GPU memory” quite a lot. This is nothing new with the beta version as the same happened with V14, when I used the same range of effects (image scaling+ deinterlacing+noise reduction and colour correction).

I am not using any AVCHD footage currently. which is good because there is a known issue that, since the last major Windows update, Resolve cannot load Dolby sound properly so you won’t get any sound with AVCHD footage. This will hopefully be fixed soon.

If you fancy giving it a go visit the Blackmagic site: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/davinci-resolve-and-fusion