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Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

New Resolve 18.5 beta version and Blackmagic drivers

Blackmagic have released an update to the beta version of Resolve and also a new driver update for the drivers for the video i/o cards.

Beta 5 of Resolve is mainly fixing bugs. Obviously the program is still beta so Stick with the non-beta if you want the hassle free version, although I have now been using the beta versions for a few weeks and only occassionally having a few random crashes. The new audio transcribe and subtitling in 18.5 Studio version have proved, for me, worth the hassle.

They have also released version 12.5.1 of their Blackmagic drivers which should be for all the Intensity and Decklink cards. In the “read more” it says these fix occassional Blue Screens on Windows 11 systems caused by these card. I have never had this kind of Blue Screen myself and have 3 computers with different cards in each, but if you had had this issue then yuo may want to consider upgrading. As usual with Blackmagic drivers, I would say if you had not had problems don’t bother to update.

The latest EDIUS X update is made to work with the 12.4.2 drivers and I would stick with those unless you are having the Blue screens mention as I have personally not tried the new drivers yet.