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Resolve 18 is no longer beta

Blackmagic have released Resolve 18 – it is no longer a public beta. In previous years I would have started using it immediately the betas came out but given my past experience with their betas I decided to hold off until the final version arrived. As a result I have not played too much with the new version and am looking forward to playing with some of the new stuff.
This includes a depth map which will produce a Black and white matte based on how close something is to the camera – useful for trying to mask and object in the foreground; the tool which would automatically mask people now does objects as well, and their is a planar tracker in Resolve now to help with things like sticking images on to moving surfaces.
There is a lot more and actually the biggest thing is that you can now collaborate and share projects between users using the Blackmagic cloud.
If you install the new version it will alter your project database so it can no longer be opened in Resolve 17 so make sure you back your projects up first, just in case you don’t like Resolve 18.
For more information and to download visit the Blackmagic website: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/capture-and-playback