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Whats new in EDIUS 8.2?

What’s new in EDIUS 8.2

The following is a play list of all the chapters of our EDIUS 8.2 video, which covers the new primary colour corrector, motion tracking and the changes in the GV Browser.

The Primary Colour Corrector

The first section of our tutorial covers the new primary colour corrector and covers loading LUTS and the basic controls.

Motion tracking in the mask filter

Grass Valley have added motion tracking to the mask filter. Apply an effect to an area of the screen and get the mask to follow the subject. Here we cover all the basics and then have a few chapters looking at different masks and how we dealt with different types of tracking. This includes:

  • “Fixing” an out of focus shot with a mask.
  • Tracking car number plates.
  • Changing the subject of the track by tracking one object but making the mask follow another object.

Playback resolution

There is a new feature in EDIUS 8.2 where you can drop the playback resolution of the timeline for areas which the computer cannot playback without rendering. This new feature is only in EDIUS Workgroup.

Changes in the GV Browser

The Grass Valley browser has a couple of new and useful features.

  • You can search for duplicate clips and delete them.
  • You can set a sequence of images as a single clip and play it back like a video clip..
  • You have the option to reduce the playback resolution for formats with which your system cannot cope..

The following videos were produced by Grass Valley, not DVC. They go into two of the new features of EDIUS 8.2 – namely the Primary colour corrector and the motion tracking in more depth than we have in the videos above.

A playlist of all Grass Valley’s videos

This link is to a video with a playlist of all of the videos Grass Valley have produced about EDIUS 8.2.

A quick overview

The first of Grass Valley’s videos gives a quick overview of the new features of EDIUS 8.2

Length: approximately 7 minutes

An indepth look at the new Primary colour correction filter

Matt Scott, who has produced many videos about grading in EDIUS and Resolve looks at the new Primary Colour correction filer in EDIUS 8.2.

Length: approximately 53 minutes

Motion tracking in the mask filter

The last chapter looks at motion tracking that has been added to the mask filter.

Length: approximately 59 minutes