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EDIUS 11.00.13349 released

Grass Valley have released a small update for EDIUS 11. 11.00.13349 fixes some bugs, particularly with the bin, including one of the most annoying things about the new bin. In the original release of EDIUS 11 whenever you switched views it would collapse the tree view and jump back to the top folder so you would have to then drill down thorugh the folders to get to the bin you were using. Now it does not do this. Hooray!

GV have not added back in some of the things that were in the EDIUS 10 bin such as a notification of which clips are being used, and I don’t think that opening EDIUS X projects in EDIUS 11 is still working as well as we would hope but it is still worth getting the update.

If you have the EDIUS Setup manager installed it should prompt you to update or EDIUS itself will do so when you start it.

As an aside I also noticed the EDIUS setup manger has an extra option when you right click on it to open “EDIUS tools”. This has nothing do to with the update but does include an thing which is supposed to examine a project and tell you what filters are being used.

You can see the release notes for the update here: https://www.ediusworld.com/…/EDIUS11BuildHistory-2023...

And if you do not get a notification you can download the latest version here: https://www.ediusworld.com/DownloadsForEdius11.html…