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EDIUS 8.5 update released

Grass Valley have released a small update to EDIUS 8. 8.53 v3262 fixes a few small bugs in the last release of EDIUS 8. I have not tested it much myself, but will be installing it along side EDIUS 9 on my main editing machines.
One of the small bugs they say is fixed is an issue where EDIUS does not remember the state of the timeline when a project was closed; so if you had tracks expanded to see the waveform of the sound the next time you opened the project they would be closed again. This is a bug I had noticed in EDIUS 9 but as I mainly use EDIUS 9 did not realise it was in EDIUS 8.5. It is hardly major, just annoying, but if you had this bug in 8.53 then it is worth getting this update just to cure it!

If you have EDIUS 8 Pro it should be prompting you to download. If you have EDIUS Workgroup you need to download it manually from the Grass Valley download site: https://www.grassvalley.com/support/downloads/