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NewBlue Amplify special offer

NewBlue have a special offer for owners of EDIUS 9.  You can get one of two packages of their effects, called Amplify, at a much reduced price of you order before the end of August.

Amplify include NewBlue Titler Pro 6, and a range off different filters which include keying, stabilizing, correction and a variety of different looks.    The biggest part of the bundle is the full version of Titler Pro 6.  A special version of TP5 is available for free with EDIUS 9, by getting the OFX bridge. TP6 has the same features and a lot more including a proper version of the “Elastic timeline” and most interestingly a way of using master templates for titles.  Use a master and base other titles on this and you can then change something in the master – like the colour of a particular box, and it then adjusts all the titles based on it.  A great way to manage multiple titles and ensure they are consistent through out the project.

Amplify is available in two bundles; both have the same titler and range of effects but the Complete bundle has more pre-made title templates, with 12 template packs and 230 title templates, whereas the Plus bundle only has 2 template packs.

Amplify Complete is £418.80 inc VAT and Amplify plus is £286.80 inc VAT.

You can order them via my website here: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/shop/new-amplify-offer-for-edius-users-ends-august-30st-2018/

You can read more on the NewBlue Website here: https://www.newbluefx.com/products/amplify/