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Vistitle activation update

VisTitle have updated their activation policy. If you have applied for a digital licence and received one, they have probably emailed you already with this information.

Since they now allow electronic activation they have to limit how many activations you are allowed otherwise a company could buy one copy and use it on hundreds of machines. Originally they were going to allow it to be activated on two machines at once, with the licence being you can only use it on one machine at a time. Towards the end of last year they limited the activations to one machine at a time only. They have now listened to customer feedback and changed this.

Now you can activate VisTitle on two machines at once. If you want to use it on a third then you can deactivate one of these machines and activate it on the third. You can move the licence between up to 8 different computers. If you try and move it to a 9th computer VisTitle will not activate on that machine.
If you need to reinstall your machine, deactivate VisTitle first (I have done this a few times). The reactivate after the machine has been reinstalled.

If you get in a mess and loose activations because a hard drive dies, get in touch with VisTitle.
You can read more here: http://www.hkvisdom.com/index.php/faq-about-vistitle/…