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A new editing program from the makers of VisTitle

The makers of VisTitle have released a new editing program.  VisEdit is a looks like a fair comprehensive editing program with a large range of effects and features.  The information on the website says it imports and exports a large variety of formats including Grass Valley and Matrox AVI files, MOVs and Avid DNxHD.

VisDom also say it can import and export XML files which will means you should be able exchange edits with other programs.  They say VisEdit can use third party hardware from Blackmagic and Matrox.

I have only just heard about this so have had no chance to try it out.

VisEdit costs $358 (about £277). You can read more and download a trial version on the Visdom website: http://www.hkvisdom.com/index.php/product/visedit/